If you’re fed up with your bloat, brain fog, fatigue, stubborn weight and looking for a solution to jump start your health, this might be the blog post you’ve actually been waiting for.

These things are not a normal part of aging and you shouldn’t learn to live with them. You might know I’m passionate about gut health and that’s because good gut health=good overall health.

I’m excited to be able to offer you a 15-Day, total-body reset cleanse by Dr. Frank Lipman and THE WELL. You can DIY or join the 4-week TOTAL GUT RESET group coaching program to get the extra support you need to make it a home run!

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THE WELL Cleanse is a 15-day, total-body reset featuring a whole-foods eating plan paired with gut-supportive supplements and a detoxifying protein powder. It’s designed by Dr. Frank Lipman, Chief Medical Officer of THE WELL, who used to be my doctor 20 years ago when I felt my worst. Focused on abundance and flexibility, THE WELL Cleanse is an easy and effective way to experience benefits such as increased energy, healthy weight loss and optimized digestion — in days (not months).
THE WELL Cleanse includes a three-pronged approach to gut health:

  1. Nourishing food as medicine: The 15-day program removes inflammatory, blood-sugar-spiking foods and replaces them with a nutrient-rich menu of healthy fats, proteins, colorful vegetables and low sugar fruits.
  2. Gut microbial balance: The Gut Complex supplement features antimicrobial and antifungal herbs that support balance in the microbiome, as well as digestive enzymes that help with digesting and assimilating our food.
  3. Safe & gentle detoxification: The Clean Green Protein provides detoxifying, nourishing plant-based protein that helps the body to detoxify via a blend of liver-supporting amino acids and herbs.

DIY or join the 4-week TOTAL GUT RESET group coaching program

If you’re on the fence about DIY cleanse or joining TOTAL GUT RESET, set up a complimentary consult call to learn more.

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