What Happens in Your Gut, Doesn’t Always Stay in Your Gut!

I help people frustrated with unexplained digestive issues, fatigue, anxiety and brain fog take back control of their body so they can regain their freedom, energy, mental clarity and optimum health without overwhelm.
Carla Alpert, NBC-HWC, FMCHC, FDN-P, NARM and IFS Trauma-informed

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Carla is amazing. She literally gave my daughter her life back! After many doctors failed us, Carla came in and listened, used her expertise to design a treatment plan and stood side-by-side with my daughter every step along the way. My daughter has her health back. I can’t even begin to think where we would be right now without her. Thank you Carla!


Carla really helped me to figure out my gut pain and issues after so many years. I finally feel like I have energy and clarity around my health! She was so easy to talk to and helped me discover problem areas that were causing me so much distress, when no other doctors could help.


Well Humans changed my life. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis accompanied by chronic hives. It sprang up out of nowhere and caused bizarre "food allergies" that I'd never had before. Because of Carla's coaching and dietary recommendations as well as GI Map testing, I can happily say that I am now symptom-free, and I have been in remission for over a year now. All of the doctors I saw told me I would have to deal with my symptoms because there was no cure, but here I am, back to living a mostly normal life. I highly recommend Carla and Well Humans for anyone looking for real answers and treatments that work.


Working with Carla was a critical component on my health restoration journey. Over the last year I have completely transformed and improved my life. I no longer feel the level of anxiety and agitation I felt before, I have learned so much about my relationship with food and how what I choose impacts how my body operates. I now understand the complex and yet so simple connection between the brain and the body. Carla is an incredibly present and empathetic coach, and she has a beautiful ability to lovingly challenge stuck beliefs. One of my favorite aspects of working with Carla was her intuitive and attuned nature.


When working with Carla, you are in capable, compassionate, knowledgeable and caring hands. Carla truly cares about your well being and wants to help you be the healthiest that you can be. My health was truly suffering and with her guidance and suggested testing, we uncovered some issues that nobody else had uncovered, despite my going to some of the top rated medical institutions. My health and pain improved greatly due to Carla's sleuthing...she knew where to look. Through many health challenges, I was quite emotional and Carla showed me what compassion looks like. If you want to truly improve your health, start with Well Humans.


Over years, I've tried various "alternative" medicine as well as conventional "western" medicine approaches. Skin ailments are hard to treat - so many aspects of a life can produce skin symptoms. I enthusiastically recommend Well Humans and Carla for a simple reason - I've experienced sustained, substantial improvement! I have hardly ever posted a review of anything, but writing this was an easy choice to make. I wish you all the best in your journey towards better health!


I searched the U.S. to find someone who does what Carla does. Carla has used her knowledge, support and expertise to optimize my health and well-being with a blend of scientific medical tests, supplements and diet changes. I wasted a lot of time on my hunches, the internet and experiments with supplements and food and NOW i have an actual plan. Superb supportive knowledge and guidance. I highly recommend Carla. Grateful.


I never knew that I had a gluten allergy and intolerance until Carla discovered it in my blood work! I'm so grateful that she made this discovery and I have been gluten free ever since. I sleep better, don't feel bloated and have much more energy. It was a life-changing insight.


Carla is very knowledgeable and kind. She helped me navigate a health issue with grace and the utmost care. Carla goes above and beyond with her clients and I highly recommend her. She genuinely cares!


Working with Carla confirms that there are professionals that truly care about their clients and are determined to get to the 'root cause' of our health challenges. Carla IS that professional. She has brought me light when all I saw was darkness. Testing, taking the right supplements and introducing me to new holistic practices helps me stay on the path to wellness. With that said, I am grateful. I'm thankful she is with me on my journey to better health.


The privilege of working with Carla Alpert is a lasting gift! She truly hears you and is concerned for your overall health as well as your nutrition. Carla offered helpful insights in navigating everyday nutritional challenges. Did I mention that she is a great listener?


Gained new tools to manage stress - the primary challenge in my health journey! As a clinician, while I'm often focused on specific targets, Carla was excellent at looking at the bigger picture and identifying health aspects which you may be missing. She quickly and accurately assessed my high stress level and re-focused my efforts where they were needed. She is a well-rounded provider who is patient, excellent at listening, and there is no question how much she cares about her patients. Highly recommend you connect with this provider and have the opportunity to learn from her and improve your health journey. Don't delay - you are worth it!

They are your body’s way of telling you there’s an imbalance.

When you restore gut health, many of your symptoms may improve and you won’t need to manage them with medications. Whether you have apparent digestive issues or not, many times the gut is to blame. Through functional lab testing and the 6 pillars of health, together we can explore the underlying contributors of your symptoms, and use these healing opportunities to improve gut health and ultimately restore your overall health and vitality.

It helped me—and I’ve witnessed this healing firsthand with people I work with.

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