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My young adult daughter and I started working with Carla several months ago after my daughter was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Her illness was quite debilitating. She had a dozen symptoms that impacted her life and studies: from continual pain to headaches to fatigue that caused her some days not to be able to get out of bed. Carla was committed and dedicated to searching for the root cause of her illness, suggesting some tests that allowed us to explore causes and healing protocols. I’m happy to say that now, after the protocol that Carla recommended and we adhered to for several months, my daughter is pretty much symptom free and her life is back to normal. I am so appreciative and thankful for Carla’s insights, help and support in helping my daughter regain her health and her life.
Meredith, CA

Carla is a true health detective. I am so grateful that I was able to find Carla on the Internet and for having made the decision to go ahead with the consultation. I have been suffering from chronic sinus problems for over 35 years. I had multiple sinus surgeries. Every visit to the ENT came back with a cocktail of antibiotics, steroids and steroid nasal sprays with no end in sight. That’s all they prescribe. Carla recommended the right tests and was able to pinpoint the food item that was causing my sinus inflammation and allergy. I had done multiple allergy tests before but those tests were not able find this allergen in my diet. Once we found the root cause, I eliminated this particular food item from my diet. I am feeling so much better. I am enjoying the energy and enthusiasm of life. I enjoy the smell of coffee in the morning and the flavor of foods that I eat. Carla’s deep insights and knowledge was very helpful. Carla recommended me the right set of supplements and I take them on a daily basis. It’s been a long road and now I am on the path to recovery & my sinus is healing back to normal. With deep gratitude and appreciation, I highly recommend Carla’s work.

John, NJ

I feel like a new person. I have had gut issues for as long as I can remember. Carla listened to my symptoms and her first suggestion corrected a problem I had been having for decades! It felt like a miracle. Thanks Carla for your insight, intuition and support.

Suzanne, NYC

My Functional MD referred me to Carla as a resource to assist me with implementing all her suggested health and lifestyle changes—and I’m glad she did. Carla coached me every step of the way with practical and effective tips that allowed me to successfully implement several changes and now I am feeling great! Thank you Carla!
Aimee, NY

I thought that working with Carla would really just be about diet and hormones but I ended up with so much more. She is a highly intuitive soul who listens closely to your needs, developing a program specifically for you. The focus is on complete wholeness as she connects emotions and thoughts with what you eat, how you feel and balance, while trying to get to the root of all ails. The chaos in my life aligned with the chaos in my eating habits and in my mind creating a whirlwind… everywhere. Sitting quietly with all, and the will to not waste her precious time or my own, has led to healthier change. Her support is invaluable. Each session was different depending on where I was physically, emotionally and what I could handle. I was met exactly where I was and always with compassion. She offers a plethora of information directly to you and your inbox, prepped and waiting when you are ready to take that next step. Self care, mindfulness and feeling good play a huge part. On the other side I’ve lost a few pounds, I have a much clearer idea about my specific dietary needs and how my sugar levels have affected my mood, lack of sleep and hormones. A balanced meal regularly, truly affects my mental state and energy levels throughout the day and keeps me “regular.” That balance is crucial for me to sustain energy and keep my raging hormones in check.  Overall I feel a sense of calm. Leaps and bounds away from the confusion and self deprecating I came with 6 weeks ago. I am still processing but I will say I just feel… different…in the best way. Carla is patient, loving, kind and gently encourages you to go further. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. She is a highly recommended gift. 
Michole, CA

I would highly recommend Carla as a coach. She is a pleasure to work with. She is warm, personable, and a grand listener while at the same time making wonderful insights and being gently encouraging to help me visualize my goals. She is a stellar coach!
Glenda, MD

I had seen my conventional doctor multiple times to test for whatever was going on with me. Every test came back negative and that was that. But I knew something was going on with my body that didn’t feel right. That’s when I began working with Carla, and I can’t recommend her enough. After sharing my symptoms and health history, she had several ideas of what it could be. I decided to run more tests, and sure enough we uncovered hormonal issues and an infection. Carla listens intently. She’s passionate about helping you feel your best self and has incredible knowledge of how the body works and what it needs. She’s determined to get to the root cause of your issues, but goes at your pace and comfort level with testing and treatment. And don’t worry, when it comes to the results and treatment options, she educates you on protocols that have been known to help re-balance the body and makes it easy to follow and understand. When things are happening to your body that are new and unfamiliar or maybe you’re uncovering old issues, it’s stressful and unknown. Carla’s calming nature took away all my worries.
Jackie, CA

Carla is amazing to work with! She is intelligent, knowledgeable and most of all she really cares! It has been an absolute pleasure working with her and I highly recommend her to anyone who desires a new perspective on life and health!

Working with Carla has been a huge relief both in terms of remission of the various, numerous, interconnected symptoms and troubles I was having, and psychologically, knowing that there is someone actually attending to the details I have observed and recorded in my own attempt to find solutions.

Her understanding of primary bodily systems and their interaction has been extremely helpful in navigating the complexity that doctors repeatedly just shrugged off after innumerable and increasingly disturbing tests came back negative. Without a single diagnostic, they effectively gave up despite my symptoms and complaints having been sufficient to warrant testing. 

Carla was, and is, willing and able to discern when systems are out of sync, overly taxed, exhausted or needing support. She worked with my concerns and practical limitations to create a plan that I could manage and execute. Getting results is so important after so much frustration and anxiety, and feeling like you have someone to whom you can quickly communicate and get feedback is vital. 

Well Humans helps you to help yourself: with information, testing – the results of which you receive, guidance and customized suggestions for change as gradual or as rapid as you feel you can handle.


I had been healthy all my life, thankfully never having any real health issues. Once in my fifties things began to shift for me.  I wasn’t sleeping well, I had anxiety and panic attacks that seemed to come out of no where, I was experiencing things that were not the norm for me even though I continued my healthy lifestyle.  I knew I needed to get to the root of the problem.  I was never a big fan of the conventional form of treatment, the doctors prescribe medications like they are giving out candy. For me taking any type of medication was not gong to be the answer.  This is when I decided to seek the help and guidance of a Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner.

When I contacted Carla with my concerns she immediately sent over a thorough list of questions and took the time to ask me what was going on. I don’t ever remember a conventional doctor taking more than 5 minutes with me. Once she conducted her fact finding we began the lab testing. She recommended a comprehensive test to see what was going on with my hormones and my adrenals as she was able to determine that these might be the culprits just based on her question and answer packet.  When the results came in, it was amazing to note she was right on target with her initial interpretation.  It turns out my hormones were out of balance and my cortisol levels were very dysfunctional.  We worked on life style changes along with some adrenal support, and within weeks I was sleeping like a baby. I have not had one panic or anxiety related attack in months.

I am so grateful to Carla. A health detective is what she truly is. She got to the root of the problem through initial intakes and diagnostic testing and then knew a natural way to get back into a balanced state.

Diane, NY

I was introduced to Carla from a very good friend of mine. She had heard me talk several times how I had issues with my digestion.  I had some thyroid issues and was also in menopause when I really started noticing more issues with my digestion and that I really didn’t feel great. I am a very active healthy person and I knew I should feel better. Carla was awesome! She really knows what she is doing and is committed to helping you. She is a real investigator and will help you uncover issues and imbalances with your body. She is realistic and really listens to you. It is nice to talk with someone who really embraces a healthy lifestyle and not just tells her clients what to do.  I would definitely recommend you give her a call.

Dawn, OR

My doctor recommended Carla. I was told she had a personal story with a relative who recovered completely from severe head to toe eczema, and that she might be able to make referrals or offer suggestions regarding my health issue. All it took was one call and a few suggestions of dietary changes to clear up the psoriasis that came on suddenly 8 months ago. I knew I didn’t want to go on steroids, as all the different specialists suggested. One phone call, and a few changes completely cleared up my skin.”  I thought I already ate a very healthy diet, but these small tweaks made a HUGE difference. I am so grateful I heard about Carla at the time I needed some concrete direction as to alternative options for my psoriasis. Thank you Carla!
John, NJ

I’m a relative of Carla’s friend. My cousin suggested I call her hoping she could suggest some diet and lifestyle changes to get healthier overall. In the first call, she explained some changes to implement and recommended a cleanse I could start with, that is easily purchased on line and created by a highly sought after and respected Functional Doctor in NYC. She followed up with an email suggesting a few sites I could follow, and books I could read to understand why my body was breaking down, and what I could do about it. I will be sure to continue my work with her so she can further educate and guide me on my journey back to health.
Dena, FL

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