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The skin is a window into your inner health. Gut health and skin problems like acne, rashes, eczema and psoriasis are intertwined, as the condition of your skin can reflect what’s going on inside your gut! Like with many of the other seemingly unrelated symptoms listed, if the gut is “on fire” from inflammatory offenders like processed food, diary, gluten, GMO’s, toxins and infections, other parts of your body can suffer. Together we work to uncover the hidden offenders, remove them and restore balance to reveal clear and radiant skin again.

Gut Health Skin Problems Gut Skin Connection Poor Digestion Skin ProblemsGut Health Skin Problems Gut Skin Connection Poor Digestion Skin Problems

Skin health is a passionate topic for me. Many years ago I witnessed the painful suffering of my husband, who had extreme eczema from head to toe. For 3 of the 7 years it was so severe he was on immune suppressants and steroid therapy. His skin was raw, swollen and oozing and I had to vacuum our bed every morning.

A desperate trip to the Mayo clinic left us with a 100% clean bill of health based on all the extensive testing that was done, but still with extreme eczema. Before we left the building, the allergist who we met with asked us a question. He asked, “has there ever been a time where you had a reaction to something you ate?” There was one time we both remembered. It was while traveling in Europe and enjoying a meal at a vegetarian restaurant, he had Seitan. Afterwards, I was enjoying a musical performance and my husband was outside puking his guts out.

This one question and answer ended up saving him. The doctor handed us a card and suggested that some people had luck avoiding the foods listed, and sent us on our way. This was back in 2005. After 3 months off gluten, my husband’s skin returned to normal. He went off the dangerous cocktail of drugs he was on and we’ve never looked back. Aside from my own personal story of healing, this experience is also a driving force behind the work I do today.

Let’s remember that everyone is different. Although gluten is the offender for my husband and for many people, it might not be yours. If you have skin problems, it’s likely something IS triggering your immune system and together we will work to figure out your underlying cause, remove your triggers and get you back in balance.

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