Good gut health=good overall health.

alttagbelly31867301920If your gut is not working well or it’s “leaky,” your health can pay the price. You may have heard the term leaky gut before—the fancy name for it is intestinal permeability. So what exactly is it and how does it affect your health?

Imagine the lining of your small intestine is like a layer of cheese cloth. The holes of the cheese cloth are small enough to allow just the essentials through it, like the nutrients vital to support a strong immune system. But when the cheese cloth rips letting larger food particles, bacteria and toxins into the blood stream, this causes an immune response because your system knows those things are not supposed to be there. That means your immune system launches an “attack” to protect you against these “foreign invaders.”

When this happens, you may experience gut symptoms (like bloating, heartburn, digestive issues), skin issues (like rashes, acne, eczema or psoriasis), neurological symptoms (like brain fog, anxiety, depression) or even an autoimmune disease.

If you want to improve your overall health, start with a gut makeover. Do the 15-day gut cleanse—DIY or DI-TOGETHER with the 4-week TOTAL GUT RESET group coaching program.

THE WELL Cleanse is a 15-day, total-body reset featuring a whole-foods eating plan paired with gut-supportive supplements and a detoxifying protein powder. It’s designed by Dr. Frank Lipman, Chief Medical Officer of THE WELL, and includes a 1:1 health coaching session. Focused on abundance and flexibility, THE WELL Cleanse is an easy and effective way to experience benefits such as increased energy, healthy weight loss and optimized digestion — in days (not months).

Why I Love THE WELL Cleanse:

  • THE WELL Cleanse’s focus is on gut health, and gut health affects all other systems of the body!  When in balance and functioning optimally, a healthy gut can lead to weight loss, improved skin appearance, stronger immune response, better mood, mental focus and clarity.
  • Unlike many other cleanses, you’ll never feel deprived because THE WELL Cleanse features satisfying and healthy whole foods, and does not restrict portions, calories or fat.
  • THE WELL Cleanse does not restrict portion sizes, calories or fat. You do not have to feel hungry or deprived while cleansing.


In this article Dr. Lipman talks about 6 ways an out of balance gut affects your well being:

  1. Improper Nutrient Absorption
  2. Weakened Immune System
  3. Poor Mental Health
  4. Increased Food Cravings
  5. More Inflammation
  6. An Unhealthy Heart


Join Me for Total Gut Reset 4-week group coaching program to clean up your gut and feel better overall.

The community of bacteria living in your body have a bigger impact than you may realize — from your mood to your heart health.

Source: 6 Ways an Out-of-Balance Gut Affects Your Well-Being – Frank Lipman MD

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