Are you ready for a gut makeover?

If so, an Elimination Diet might be for you. The Elimination Diet is a short term food elimination to help repair and restore your overall health. And you don’t have to deprive yourself or starve either! You’ll be eating nourishing and satisfying whole foods that will help you have clarity, feel energized and even drop a few extra pounds too!

According to THE WELL, there are 6 reasons to try an elimination diet and I couldn’t agree more!

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That’s why I created the TOTAL GUT RESET 4-week group coaching program to help support you on THE WELL Cleanse.

THE WELL Cleanse is a 15-day, total-body reset featuring a whole-foods eating plan paired with gut-supportive supplements and a detoxifying protein powder. It’s designed by Dr. Frank Lipman, Chief Medical Officer of THE WELL, who used to be my doctor 20 years ago when I was at my worst. Focused on abundance and flexibility, THE WELL Cleanse is an easy and effective way to experience benefits such as increased energy, healthy weight loss and optimized digestion — in days (not months).

THE WELL Cleanse includes a three-pronged approach to gut health:

  1. Nourishing food as medicine: The 15-day program removes inflammatory, blood-sugar-spiking foods and replaces them with a nutrient-rich menu of healthy fats, proteins, colorful vegetables and low sugar fruits.
  2. Gut microbial balance: The Gut Complex supplement features antimicrobial and antifungal herbs that support balance in the microbiome, as well as digestive enzymes that help with digesting and assimilating our food.
  3. Safe & gentle detoxification: The Clean Green Protein provides detoxifying, nourishing plant-based protein that helps the body to detoxify via a blend of liver-supporting amino acids and herbs.

DIY or join the 4-week TOTAL GUT RESET group coaching program to get the extra support you need to make it a home run!

If you’re on the fence about DIY cleanse or joining TOTAL GUT RESET, set up a complimentary consult call and let me help you decide if it’s right for you.

In Good Health!
xo Carla

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