Written by Carla Alpert

What is the “it” for you? What is one thing that you know you might benefit from without, but you’re having trouble letting it go? We all have at least one, more likely many.

Is it that daily glass of wine or two? The one “little” cookie you have to have each day since you need something sweet? Checking emails in the wee hours of the night since you can’t sleep? Could it be the relationship with someone who you know depletes your energy, but you keep going back for more instead of setting boundaries? Or maybe you’re already “80% Gluten Free” even though you know it wreaks havoc on your body. How about your choice to stay couch bound over getting out in nature for a walk? The list goes on and on . . . and on!

Why? Because we’re creatures of habit.

Let’s just imagine for a moment that breaking a habit doesn’t have to be about what we’re giving up, but rather about what we’re gaining.

What you may not realize is that you also have many habits that inspire change, healthy patterns and are positive already. These might look like, making time to prioritize friends and hobbies you you love. It might mean taking a walk on your lunch break everyday. Or it could mean taking a technology “vacation” over the weekend.

So we know we already have habits that cultivate wellness. What if we looked at the ones that we know might not be the best of choices for us and see what we might gain if we changed them to wellness habits instead. Let me use a few of the examples listed above to explore:

  • What would your life look like if you gave up your daily wine or cocktail? Might you have more clarity, more energy, better sleep? What if you gave up your daily drink or two and decided to not have it daily, but instead 3 times a week, only when out to dinner, or on special occasions?

  • If you gave up that one “little” cookie every day might that help you get rid of those extra pounds you’ve been carrying around? Could you find a healthier choice to satisfy the need for something sweet or maybe not do it everyday?

  • If you decided not to check emails other than during work hours, what might that do for your home life? Maybe you’ll have more time to have conversations with your spouse or children since you won’t be distracted. Maybe you’d sleep better. Ironically you might be checking them because you can’t sleep, but the blue light from your devices is a contributing factor to lack of sleep.

  • Imagine setting boundaries with people in your life who deplete you. Think about 1 hour versus 3 hours time spent and how that would look for you. Would that help you keep your stress levels down and give you more time to enjoy the company of others who bring you joy? Or maybe it will allow more time to just focus on what’s important to YOU.

  • And 80% Gluten Free is a start but IF you do have gluten sensitivity, eating it 20% of the time most likely is still contributing to symptoms that you have. Could you imagine being symptom free? What would that look like for you?

Can you start to understand how we can alter unfavorable habits into wellness ones instead by looking at how the outcomes might positively contribute to our overall well being?

Examine what the “it(s)” is for you. Take the time to consider what you would gain from giving it up rather than focus on what you’d lose.

I’d love to hear what habit you’re going to consider altering.
Let me know in the comments below.

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