alttagmiladavigerovaiQWvVYMtv1kunsplashThere are a wide range of alternative and natural remedies that can help to balance and center you, improve your attitude, and boost your mental health. Reiki can do all of this, as well as improving your overall health and wellness.

The Benefits of Reiki

Reiki healing is a belief that your healer can transfer positive energy from their body to your body in order to heal it from various issues. The main reason people use reiki is to help with minor physical issues and to cleanse their body so they can return to a sense of well-being and emotional stability. People with depression, anxiety, and similar issues see benefits form this form of treatment and therapy. If you are experiencing depression or anxiety issues, then you may be interested in the benefits of reiki.

Emotional Stress

One of the leading benefits, and reasons that people seek out reiki, is to help reduce emotional tension. This refers to depression, anxiety, and stress that can’t be released in other methods. For example, if you have tried to journal your way through these issues or use supplements and nothing seems to work then reiki may be for you. The belief is that, while these other methods do help, they can only be successful if your energy and chakras are aligned and cleansed. Reiki does this for you and can be the key to unlocking the floodgates that remove tension from the body and let you
completely unwind.

Reduced Inflammation and Pain

There are some health issues such as chronic pain and inflammation in the joints and muscles, which can prevent you from enjoying life. Reiki helps to release the tension in these areas and allow the energy to start flowing again. Think of the pain and inflammation as a block in your energy, a traffic wreck if you will. Reiki clears that wreck and reopens the area for energy flow. This reduced blockage and increased energy flow can lead to reduced pain and inflammation in the future as well.

Emotional Clarity

If you have ever been in a place in your life where you don’t know what to do, how to handle events going on in your life, and you need to find clarity again then the problem may be energy flow. As you become tense and concerned, your entire body reacts to that tension. This can lead to a multitude of issues that prevent your body from reacting normally and with clarity. Reiki can help this by helping remove the tension, move the energy through and out of your body, and help clear your mind. The combination of touch healing, energy healing, and meditation is ideal for people dealing with this type of situation.

These are the main benefits people have found by experiencing reiki healing sessions and therapy. If you are interested in moving forward, consider finding a local certified reiki therapist for assistance. They can meet you with, discuss your first session, and help you with scheduling a treatment appointment.

Cleanse Your Aura By Using Reiki

If you have started down a path of meditation, mindfulness, and energy healing you may have heard about your aura. Your aura is the energy around your body. This energy can be seen by others, especially empaths and reiki professionals. The energy can sometimes show darker or in a mode where it shows it needs to be cleansed. This is a sign that your chakras may be out of line or need cleansing in order to keep you on a track of well-being. Here are ways that reiki can help with cleansing your aura.

Open Your Chakras

The first step to cleansing your aura using reiki is to open your chakras, Part of this step is calming and meditation. You will need to be in a calm frame of mind and relaxed, Ideally, you will be laying down on your back with your back and neck supported to prevent strain or pain that will have you close off during this healing. In addition to be relaxed, you will also want to use the environment to assist you. Use essential oils designed for your chakras, or use frankincense to help open all of your chakras. Also, use a soothing dark and cool room that is either silent or with a light instrumental music you find calming.

Work Slowly Through the Issue

Cleansing your aura means that you are focusing on the problems and the blocks that are preventing your energy from flowing through the body. When you become attuned to reiki healing, specifically self healing, you will be able to feel the points at which energy is blocked. These blocks are what is preventing the aura from cleansing. Take your time, focus on the blocks, remove them, and you will cleanse the aura.

These methods can be done in a self-healing reiki practice, but may be more beneficial if you go through a reiki professional who is certified and has experience in aura cleansing. This will ensure that your aura is cleansed and your chakras are balanced.

Tips For Using Reiki in Your Everyday Life

If you have been using reiki through a certified therapist, you may already be handling some self-healing on your own. This is usually done if there will be a long break between sessions or if something comes up that you feel reiki would be useful in helping or healing. What you may not know is that you can use reiki in your daily life for helping with all manner of situations. Here are some tips for integrating reiki into your daily lifestyle for long-term healing.

Incorporate into Your Meditation

If you have a regular meditation routine, then you can use that time to incorporate reiki. In fact, it may be the ideal time to do self-healing reiki in your daily routine. Your mind is already set to be calm and focused. Focus on your chakras and begin moving your hands, in a healing hand position, over your chakras and body. Feel your energy moving and stop and focus on the places that feel like energy is blocked. Move through the chakras and then have a cleansing breathing session after you reach the crown. Feel the new fresh energy and pulses before ending the meditation session.

Use Reiki as Part of Your Night Routine

Some people add yoga into their night routines to help them rest. If you aren’t a yoga person, you may enjoy adding reiki self-healing into your night routine. Sit in your bed, after a bath or shower, and allow yourself to feel your body vibrations. Move healing hands down your body and back up, focusing on the energy flow and the chakras. Feel the spots where there are blocks and focus on those. Focus on why you may have that block and work through it. Theidea is to end the session with clarity, self-healing, and positive vibrations.

By using these tips you can create a solid base of healing throughout your daily life. You may also notice that you feel more rejuvenated and that you have less stress. Though it may not be the cure all for all your life issues, reiki self-healing on a daily routine can be rewarding and beneficial.

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