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We all want to get healthy and it’s also very common that people experience a gap between what they know they need to do to be healthy, and actually doing it. You’re not alone! Many people struggle with making significant changes to their diet and lifestyle. That’s why a Health Coach can be invaluable.

Health Coaching is slowly becoming a well known option to help people achieve their health goals. The New York Times just published a great article about it (link below).

In the past, health coaching has not been regulated so that meant regardless of obtaining a certification or not, anyone who wanted to call themselves a health coach could. Thanks to the National Board Certification for Health and Wellness Coaching, that is no longer the case.

I am trained as a National Board Certified and Functional Medicine Health Coach as well as a Diagnostic Practitioner. That allows me to help you find the contributing factors to your chronic symptoms through functional lab testing, co-create a personalized lifestyle program to reach your goals, and support your motivation and success to feel your best.

Functional Medicine Health Coaches use Functional Medicine principles & various coaching techniques to:

  • Educate clients and help them understand unfamiliar diagnostics and lab tests, and a plan of care
  • Help clients manage chronic conditions
  • Offer tools and accountability when clients implement new lifestyle changes
  • Motivate clients, celebrate successes and encourage progress
  • Guide clients through dietary changes, food plans, stress reduction, relaxation, and movement

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Watch this video to learn more about health coaching and how I can help you.

Health coaches can give patients the tools they need to improve their own care and well-being, but they aren’t widely available.

Source: We Could All Use a Health Coach – The New York Times

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