alttagprobioticsDr. Michael Ruscio is one of my heros. He gives evidence based information and he is one of my go-to resources for all things gut health related.

Recently another great article came out about busting probiotic myths .

In this article link below you’ll be able to read his full post about 7 probiotic myths including:

  • Probiotic foods are better than probiotic supplements.
  • Stomach acid kills probiotics and makes them ineffective.
  • Take probiotics at a specific time of day.
  • Take probiotics with specific foods.
  • Never take probiotics and antibiotics together.
  • Certain kinds of probiotics work best for specific health issues.
  • Try different probiotics to find the one that works for you.

Here’s uncomplicated advice about when and how to take your probiotic supplements to ensure that you get the full health benefits from probiotics.

Source: The Best Time To Take Probiotics – Dr. Michael Ruscio, DNM, DC

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