I am a HUGE Marie Forleo Fan. If you don’t know who she is yet, she’s a fellow Jersey girl, entrepreneur and thought leader who tells it like it is and helps people around the world become who they want to be. Aside from having a book in 16 languages and online training programs, Marie hosts an online award-winning show called MarieTV. Today’s episode was too good not to share.

She talks with Dr. Tererai Trent who teaches all of us by her example that ANYTHING is possible if you have your dreams. Her story is a powerful one, so you might want to get your box of tissues!

What a beautiful reminder that even in the most challenging times and dealing with the cards we are dealt, that we are the creators of our life. We get to choose. Having dreams helps us manifest whatever it is that we desire. It’s within all of us. It’s within you too.

Enjoy the episode below and make sure to head over to Marie’s site and sign up for actionable steps to create the life you love.

Have an impossible dream? Dr. Tererai Trent discusses her book, “The Awakened Woman,” and how you can achieve any dream—even after crushing setbacks.

Source: Tererai Trent: How to Achieve An Impossible Dream

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