alttagshutterstock1102029329When it comes to improving gut health, it’s important to address ALL aspects of your life. This includes keeping a distance from toxic people who drain your energy and stress you out. Even if you’re doing ALL the right things to heal your gut, if you’re still getting triggered by a toxic person in your life, it will go straight to your gut and make it harder to heal.

First things first, you need to recognize that a person is toxic, which is not as simple as it sounds, and may take a long time. Then you need to determine what type of person they are, and what drives their behaviors, so you can figure out how to deal with them or remove them in your life when possible.

Here are some different types of toxic people:

Narcissists are people who lack empathy or consideration for others, except when acting so is in their own selfish interest. In practice, what this means is that they feel superior to others, and in various ways exert pressure to make you feel that is true. Early in a relationship, these behaviors will not be obvious, as narcissists are clever and calculating. Ultimately, however, you will find yourself questioning your own beliefs, as pressure is applied to make you do so.

Better-Thans, also known as Know-Alls, have a self-inflated ego. They have the need to make other people feel inferior and are often smug. These people live to impress others, and will talk at length about themselves, their achievements and their belongings without being asked. They like to compare and talk down the achievements of others.

Also called straight jackets, the controllers want to be in control of everyone, from everything you say, do, or even think. While they may not be as deeply affected as a narcissist, they are very dogmatic and not open to alternative viewpoints. Controllers are bossy and need to be always right. When they want anything, they will make sure to get their way, crushing everything in their path.

They are arrogant and feel that they are the smartest person in the room. They will crush your ideas and win over any disagreements. When you disagree with them, they will try to convince you to believe they are right and are easily aroused to anger if you disagree. Their word is the law.

The passives can keep you guessing all the time. You don’t know what their real message or desire is. They may say they are not upset or angry, but their actions can indicate otherwise. Some passives will always be late and don’t contribute much to conversations. They also let other people do the hard work.

Spiritual Vampires
Also known as the emotional moocher, the spiritual vampire sucks your energy, making you feel emotionally drained when you’re with them. They send bad vibes and negative energy. They always have something bad to say, ruining good mood around them and bringing everyone down.

No matter what you do, the critics will make you feel judged and almost certainly criticized. They can always spot an error, making you feel that you are not doing anything right. They can often belittle you as a person, instead of only constructively pointing out the error.

Drama Magnets
Drama magnets never run out of problems. They will always want you to sympathize and empathize with them, to show that you support them, but they never listen to any of your advice. They always play victim, complain, and blame others for their problems, which most often result from poor decisions. They choose to suffer instead of learning from their misfortunes.

The fibbers or the liars keep telling lies one after another. It’s true that some lies are not harmful, but the fibbers keep on telling small lies, by habit or compulsion. When you can’t trust them with the little things, it’s hard to believe them and trust them for something bigger or more important. Relationship dishonesty can drain you because you will always doubt anything they say.

The parasite sticks around you because they want something from you. They tend to suck your energy and emotions without you noticing it at first. They use you for their selfish interests. They latch on to your life and play on your sympathetic emotions. This is a one-way relationship – there is little gained by you, and much by them. They can be physically and financially draining.

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