When I saw this recipe in my inbox this AM, my eyes lit up and my mouth started watering!

Like Kaylie, I too only ate mint chip and vanilla ice cream as a kid. I LOVED it! I grew up with frequent trips to Basking Robbins and Dairy Queen but unfortunately I never felt so great afterwards. Sometimes that meant a very bloated belly and painful stomach cramps, urgent trips to the bathroom as well as a headache or sinus issues. After a couple of visits to the ER, I learned the hard way that dairy is not my friend. At first that was hard to accept but after time, it no longer even crosses my mind. I’d rather feel good than sacrifice my health over an old time favorite.

If you think you might be dairy intolerant or just want to try a healthier version of dessert, head over to Kaylie’s blog to get the full recipe. I know this will be on my dessert list in the coming weeks!


Mint chocolate chip ice-cream made with avocados! Dairy free and delicious ice-cream recipe. You DON’T even need an ice-cream maker to make this recipe!

Source: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream – Paleo Gluten Free Eats

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