Brain Retraining can be the missing link in healing.


Limbic system retraining programs can be the missing link in your regaining your health. I’ve written more about it here. If you’ve tried doing all the right things like eating well, exercising, sleeping well, taking the best supplements, and managing your stress, but you still aren’t feeling well, your brain and nervous system may be out of balance.

I often work with clients on mindfulness practices, breath work and meditation techniques, and also recommend trauma therapy like Somatic Experiencing. I’ve also talked about DNRS for brain retraining. These methods are helpful in healing as well since they can all help to reframe and retrain your brain.

Your limbic system protects you from threats and is part of your fight or flight response. It’s meant to defend you and it’s like your automatic survival system. Sometimes when you’ve experience trauma, adverse childhood experiences and long term illness, the limbic system can get stuck and keep your brain wired to assume you’re always under threat. This chronic survival pattern is what can keep people from fully healing. 

I’ve done a lot of work with this myself and I’d be happy to support you through your own process. If you would like to reach out and learn more, you can book a complimentary consult below.

In this article you will learn more about Ashok Gupta’s limbic system retraining program.

In this episode of Functional Medicine Research, I interview Ashok Gupta about his limbic system retraining program. Trauma of any kind can change the brain and nervous system in a way that prevents one from getting well. Many people never get well because they don’t address the underlying trauma that has triggered or contributed to their health challenges.

Source: Limbic System Retraining with Ashok Gupta – Dr. Nikolas Hedberg, D.C.

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