alttagcarolinaheza0lD4hF1fBv0unsplashI used to feel anxious A LOT!

It was relentless daily anxiety where everything felt threatening and unbearable. The type of anxiety that made me want to either jump out of my skin, hide under my blanket or go into full blown panic mode.

Anxiety like this makes it hard to function and uses up all your energy.

I still get anxious once in a while and when I do, I can’t imagine I used to live like this all the time.

The two things I do to help me resolve my anxiety are:

  1. Therapy: ACT for mindfulness and Somatic Experiencing for trauma
  2. Gut Healing: Re-balance my Microbiome and REMOVE Gluten 100%!!!

You can read about my experience with ACT here and Somatic Experiencing here.

Re-balancing my gut and removing gluten was equally as important in resolving my anxiety.

That’s because your gut and your brain send signals to each other, and unlike a trip to Vegaswhat happens in your gut “doesn’t stay in your gut”.

When it comes to your gut bacteria, too many low “good guys” and too many high “bad guys” can contribute to anxiety. Overgrowth of bad bacteria like Candida, can suppress the production of serotonin in your gut, a neurotransmitter which your brain needs to feel good.

An inflamed gut can also be an issue.

Gluten can inflame your digestive tract. Did you know one of the proteins in wheat called Prodynorphin can specifically lead to neurochemical disorders? When elevated it may be a direct correlation to anxiety.

Once I cleaned up my gut…my anxiety cleared up too.

This is just one reason we test and don’t guess as a powerful tool in your overall healing.

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