Microbiota is essential for the correct functionality of each organ. alttagfunctionalhealthcoachThe gastro-intestinal microbiota (CGIM) is a very important for growth, immunity and nutrient conversion. The function of Gut or elementary canal is to keep the food moving, mixing of juices in the small intestine and to add nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes that are required for our life and at the same time protecting the body from harmful material.

The role of the Gut microbiota in energy metabolism and metabolic disease is of vital importance.

Metabolic disorders, among other problems, cause obesity. Changing our microbiota with the use of prebiotics and probiotics protects the body against metabolic disease associated with obesity.

Research shows that modifying the gut microbiota has a good effect on metabolism and therefore treating with metabolic diseases including obesity. Changing your diet will help balance gut bacteria which will help to maintain metabolism and weight management.

It is also knowm that modifying your gut flora may lead to better absorption of fatty acids and carbohydrates and enhance storage of calories as fat. This means that a person with bad flora, can eats the same amount of food that a person with good gut flora eats, but will gain weight.

Maintaining a healthy weight is the result of good metabolism which again depends upon the beneficial bacteria in your gut. In general, the following points will  help mange weight and metabolism:

  • Take probiotics to make good bacteria in the gut to support for better metabolism. Yogurt, Pickles, Kimchi, fermented milk, etc. are probiotic foods which produce beneficial bacteria in your gut for better metabolism. Always speak with a doctor before using or increasing the intake of probiotics.
  • Avoid artificial flavoring, preservatives or sugar. Non-caloric artificial sweeteners can have disastrous effects on your microbiome and your glucose metabolism.It can cause inflammatory chemicals in the bloodstream and fat tissue, which may contribute to weight gain
  • Avoid antibiotics. They take away the good guys affecting your microbiome thereby creating hindrance in maintaining healthy weight.
  • Be active and stress free. Stress influences our microbiome. To overcome stress, meditation, yoga and brisk walking is essential. Active people have healthier microbiomes as compared to people having inactive life style.
  • Get outside in nature to keep your immune system strong.
  • Diet and active life contributes to your weight management and supports our metabolism. Diet and exercise have become so important as the same have positive effect on our microbes.

Therefore, concentrating on your gut health through exercise and diet produce good bacteria helpful in all metabolic processes.

One of the more surprising reasons why weight management programs can be unsuccessful is the failure to consider the connection between gut health and body weight. Inflammation in the gut and other parts of body also becomes one of the reasons of increased weight.

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