You might think you’re eating a healthy diet filled with lots of veggies, OJ and oatmeal for breakfast, healthy snacks like granola bars, and maybe a nice glass of wine at dinner. But the truth is you’re unknowingly ingesting a toxic chemical called Glyphosate. It’s the main ingredient the weed-killer Roundup and it’s making us all sick.

Not only is Glyphosate a carcinogenic and linked to cancer, it’s also been connected to kidney, liver and reproductive health and is known to alter the integrity of the gut lining by creating Leaky Gut. Since 70-80% of your immune system starts in the gut, and your microbiome is the key to feeling good, it’s imperative to keep the gut as healthy and balanced as possible.

When buying food in the supermarket, always look for “Certified Organic” and the “NON GMO Project Verified” labels. This is a simple way to make choices to keep you and your family healthy.

This great article below written by Carly Fraser of Live Love Fruit gets really in the “weeds” about Glyphosate, it’s harms and how to avoid it. click on the source link below to read the article.

alttagglyphosateinfoodConcern over glyphosate in food has risen after Monsanto was found guilty in covering up their cancer-causing product. Here are the foods you need to avoid.

Source: Glyphosate in Food: Complete List of Products and Brands Filled with Popular Cancer-Causing Weed-Killer

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