alttagGIMAPWhen it comes to understanding what’s causing your symptoms, functional lab testing is a game changer and worth every penny.

The foundational labs I recommend to clients can identify food sensitivities, leaky gut, infections, adrenal, hormone and liver function and nutrient deficiencies.

These are some of the reasons behind chronic gut symptoms as well as anxiety, depression, headaches, skin issues, fatigue and brain fog.

Aside from a thorough blood panel, here are my top favorite functional tests and why:

  • GI MAP: A stool test that reports good and bad bacteria, H.Pylori, worms, parasites, digestive and intestinal health. This test helps to create a targeted protocol based on the results to eliminate overgrowth, balance your microbiome, support digestive health and restore your gut.
  • Wheat Zoomer: This blood test reports your sensitivity to gluten and wheat and shows how your immune system is reacting. It also has an intestinal permeability section telling you how leaky your gut is.
  • OATS: The organic acids test is a urine test which is really good at detecting candida, fungus and mold and additional bacteria the GI MAP doesn’t pick up. It also has a section on mitochondria and nutritional health.
  • DUTCH: This test is a urine test and gives us a look into your stress and sex hormones as well as a look at your Phase I and II liver detox. It helps us determine the circadian rhythm of your cortisol and especially helpful to target energy imbalances throughout the day. 
  • Micronutrients: This blood test checks the serum and cellular storage of your micro-nutrients. Because deficiencies can create symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, hair loss, pain and more, it’s important to understand levels on a cellular level as well.

I know that my health is an investment, not an expense and that’s why I invest in testing every year. It’s how I stay ahead of any chronic problems.

This is just one reason we test and don’t guess as a powerful tool in your overall healing.

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