Hippocrates knew this nearly 2500 years ago when he said, “All disease begins in the gut.”


A properly functioning digestive system is critical to your good health.

That’s because your gut health is not only is related to stomach aches, gas and bloating…

it is also connected to other symptoms throughout your body like skin problems, diabetes, fatigue, anxiety and even autoimmune diseases.

In Functional Medicine we use the 5R Gut Restoration Framework which can lead to a dramatic improvement in symptoms and sometimes even a complete resolution.

Here are the 5R Steps for optimal health:

  1. Remove foods and hidden infections that may trigger sensitivities or leaky gut
  2. Replace digestive enzymes and beneficial bacteria
  3. Reinoculate beneficial bacteria with prebiotic and probiotic foods and supplements
  4. Repair the gut lining and support colon health
  5. Rebalance lifestyle choices like sleep, exercise and stress to support health

5R is the framework I personally used and use with my clients to heal.

This is just one reason we test and don’t guess as a powerful tool in your overall healing.

Learn more about how you can fix your gut and improve your overall health too on this complimentary call.

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