Did you know the health of your mouth is connected to your overall health?

Most people are unaware that oral health is intimately connected to other parts of your body. Taking care of your mouth is not just to prevent a case of bad breath or cavities! In this article on Dr. Kara Fitzgerald’s site, she talks about how the bacteria in your mouth is connected to increased risk of various diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancers and inflammatory bowel disease. She discusses the microbes, inflammation and “leaky mouth”.

Head over to Dr. Fitzgerald’s site to read the article using the source link below.

alttagOralsystemicconnectionDid you know that one in three Americans has untreated tooth decay? 1 One in two has a history of gingivitis? The Endodontic endotoxemia

Source: Endodontic Endotoxemia: The Oral-Systemic Connection

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