alttagCarlaAlpert I don’t just teach health and wellness, I LIVE IT. Health and Wellness is not a one size fits all deal. What works for one person to feel their best may not always work for another. One persons plate might be all plant-based, and another a combo of plants and animal protein. You might like to run outside for hour and your best friend prefers a short HIT workout at home. Your brother might get joy from being in a lively group of friends, while your sister likes a more intimate one-on-one. You see where I’m going with this?

Part of my goal as a coach is to help YOU figure out what’s best for YOU to live your greatest life. The themes of healthy living are the same; eat well, sleep well, move your body, stress less and have fun! But getting there is different for each of us. 

My lifestyle looks something like this:

  • EAT: I eat 90% Paleo which means dairy and gluten free, organic, grass fed, wild caught, and little or no grains because this is what my body likes the most. It took me some time, trial and correction to get there.
  • SLEEP: I practice sleep hygiene by turning off my electronics and getting to bed around the same time every night. This promotes solid rest and restoration.
  • MOVE: I move my body daily. Sometimes that means taking a long walk and other times it’s a yoga class or an intense workout.
  • STRESS LESS: I practice mindfulness and meditation daily to support my nervous system. I live in gratitude everyday EVEN when things are challenging to me.
  • JOY: I spend time with the people I love the most and limit my time with people who drain me. I also really value my alone time.

As you continue to discover what’s best for you, remember it doesn’t mean you have to follow the hottest health trend, or do what your best friend does to feel good.

Look within yourself and be your own observer. Start small and begin changing one thing you see and want to work on. It doesn’t have to feel overwhelming or, all or nothing. Start somewhere and remember . . .

“Base Hits Equal a Home Run!” —Dr. Tom O’Bryan

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