alttagshutterstock282169940Did you know that Epsom Salts actually come from a saline spring in Epsom, Surrey in the U.K.? These salts have been used for centuries in different ways around the home. Your grandmother probably used them in her bath to help soften water, as well as out in the garden and around her house. The popularity of Epsom salts is making news again, especially as so many people are trying to stay away from harmful chemicals.

Epsom sales contain magnesium and sulfate—they are easily absorbed into your skin which is why they are considered a huge health benefit. Magnesium also helps renew your cells and you may notice that your energy levels increase as you start using Epsom salts several times each week.

Your body contains over 325 enzymes which are regulated by magnesium. These enzymes are responsible for helping reduce inflammation, improving your muscles and nerves. The sulfates in Epsom salts helps your body remove toxins more quickly.

You can detox your body and ease stress by using Epsom salts. Just dissolve them in your bath water—add 1 to 2 cups and slosh the water around until the salt is dissolved. Your skin will absorb the salts and this will help replenish your magnesium levels. This in turn helps your body produce more serotonin which is the chemical that makes you feel good. For maximum benefits it is suggested that you bathe in Epsom salts 3 times per week.

Part of any detox is to help remove unwanted toxins from your system. Epsom salts can do this by encouraging toxins, including heavy metals, to exit your body. This alone can help reduce muscle pain and is great for people with arthritis.

Regular use of Epsom salts has been shown to help people who suffer with asthma, joint discomfort and migraines. Plus if you are someone in your family has strong foot odor, soaking their feet in a bowl of Epsom salts can help reduce the odor!

Epsom salts are also great for helping to detox your skin. It can be mixed with a small amount of coconut oil and used as a facial scrub. People have also used these salts to help deal with blackheads and even used to connect a face mask.

Your grandmother probably used a good deal of Epsom salts around her home. It can be used to help fertilize plants due to the magnesium and sulfur by sprinkling it directly into the soil. Another great use is for cleaning the dirt out of your bathroom tiles, just mix it with equal parts of your favorite dish soap.

Epsom salts are not expensive to buy, some manufacturers are even adding lavender to their brands to help you de-stress more. If you haven’t tried Epsom salts in a long time, it is certainly a product that should be revisited.

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