Gut health matters when it comes to your health.alttagwhyguthealthmatters

The health of your gut is connected to your overall health. That’s because your gut is where you absorb nutrients to thrive. When your gut lining becomes impaired it’s called “leaky gut”. This is when the tight junctions of your gut lining open up and allow unwanted bacteria and proteins into your blood and cause an immune response. This immune response can cause inflammation and symptoms throughout your body and even disease.

It’s no surprise to me that studies are showing how gut health is linked to severity of COVID-19 as well. You can read the study below.

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A first-of-its-kind study has investigated the relationship between COVID-19 severity and the gut microbiome. The observational research suggests specific microbial patterns correlate with disease severity and those bacterial imbalances may account for some cases of “long COVID”.

Source: COVID-19 severity linked to gut bacteria in first-of-its-kind study

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