Dr. Kara Fitzgerald is one of my favorites in the functional medicine world.

She’s not only a great resource and teacher for cutting edge health blogs and conversations, but she also includes recipes with a health twist. This Beet-Beef Burger and salad will be on my dinner plate in the next few days for sure. Head on over to her site using the source link below to get the full recipe!


Yes, you can eat your methylation nutrients! This delicious burger is rich in methylation amino acids (methionine, cysteine, taurine), as well as B vitamins, betaine, choline and zinc, cofactors for homocysteine metabolism and necessary for forming methionine and the all-important methyl donor, SAMe. It is also made more methylation-friendly than a regular burger by using rosemary, and a marinade that reduces the formation of oxidative compounds that otherwise deplete methyl donor reserves and impair DNA methylation. Serve with arugula or other dark leafy greens for a punch of all-important folate.

To learn more about how to eat and live your way to methylation health, click here for articles and our eBook, which contains over 40 exclusive recipes, free of gluten and dairy as well as dietary plans and lifestyle interventions.

Source: A Beet-Beef Burger and Salad for Methylation Support – Kara Fitzgerald ND Naturopathic Doctor

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