The health of your gut and digestion play a huge part in your absorption of critical vitamins and minerals.


This is why I often see deficiencies when working with clients who have impaired digestion. That’s because they’re not absorbing and assimilating their food well. Surprisingly you can be eating a very healthy organic diet with lots of colorful veggies and still may not be absorbing well.

Even if you are, you still may need some help in the vitamin department due to soil depletion since modern agricultural methods have stripped increasing amounts of nutrients from the soil in which the food we eat grows.

When your body is depleted of minerals and vitamins you may have many symptoms like the ones you see below in the graphic.

Here are some examples of deficiencies and how they can show up in your body:

Vitamin D Hair loss, weak teeth and nails, eye twitching, insomnia
Vitamin C Ruptured eye vessels, bleeding gums, nosebleeds
Vitamin B12 Numbness, canker sores, dizziness, spoon shaped nails
Vitamin A Poor night vision, dry hair or skin,
Magnesium Muscle cramping, Constipation
Zinc Loss of smell or taste

Improving your gut health is a great place to start. If you decide to supplement with extra vitamins, remember to get pharmaceutical grade supplements since not all supplements are created equal! If you’re ready to make some changes and would benefit from support, you can book a complimentary consult below.

You can also enjoy this article from He always shares great information and creates easy to understand info-graphics like this one below!

The body will give us signs and signals when we have nutritional deficiencies. Here are 5 body signs of nutritional deficiencies.

Source: 5 Body Signs of Nutritional Deficiencies You May Have –

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