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I personally (and hesitantly) gave up red wine and my favorite “buttery” chardonnay’s almost entirely about a year ago. Even with 1 glass, the aftermath was not pleasant. A year later, I still enjoy a glass of “very light and crisp” French white or rose, but have also significantly reduced my intake due to the same very unpleasant after effects. This is HARD I must admit since I do enjoy it, but aside from the negative effects on gut health, the unpleasant sulfites, and the abundance of sugar, wines these days are worse than our food supply. In some cases, wine makers can add up to 60 chemicals and additives to make sure the “wine” has a perfect flavor and texture regardless if it’s from the actual grape or not. Here’s an older but great NY Times article on the topic. Thankfully there are new makers and distributors who are doing the work to get natural wines back out on the market. I haven’t tried it yet, but plan too!

This article is taken directly (without permission) from Dry Farm Wines, but I couldn’t have said it better and didn’t think they’d mind sharing!

A battle is simmering in the world of wine.

Wine, that ancient drink you and I love to sip after a long day, has been brought to near extinction and it is now fighting its way back.

Yet you drink wine regularly. So how is wine in danger? Who is it battling? And what does it need to return from?

Unfortunately, most of what we drink today isn’t wine. We’re consuming a sterilized, processed, and sugary alcoholic concoction we call wine. It’s no longer a gift of nature but of food science. And what we think is “healthy” about wine is actually, like food, becoming less healthy the more we attempt to manufacture it.
Commercial motives for a more profitable wine product has brought a dark era to the story of wine. In their quest to produce wine faster, in larger quantities, with more consistency, and at a lower cost, the wine industry has altered the composition of wine to the point where it’s production looks more like a witches cauldron than the simple process of grape fermentation, and the final product is more drinkable chemistry experiment than natural juice.

The unfortunate consequence is that wine, real wine, is quietly fading from our world.

But despite the dark clouds of commercialization that now cover most of the American wine landscape, hope is not lost for wine. A rebellion is simmering. They fight to return wine to its former glory.

Their credo is simple – trust in Nature. She knows the way.

We are proud to partner with these rebel farmers. We join them in arms against the profiteers who flood the market with chemically-farmed and additive-heavy wines.

If you want to support all the rebel farmers in their fight for the return of wine, buy natural wines rather than conventional wines.

You can search for natural wines locally or buy them from us online at

Cheers to the Rebels!
Todd & the Rebellious DFW Crew

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