My Girl Crush No Excuse WorkoutsMy Girl Crush No Excuse Workouts

Meet Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up. I admit I have a girl crush!

Not only are they fitness gurus and savvy business women, you feel like you’re working out with your BFF’s. Because they are so authentic, real and relatable, you look forward to working out with them (regardless of your age) . . . even if you’re a bit uncoordinated—no worries.

The BEST part . . . no matter what your level, age or time schedule, they have created workouts that are accessible, timely and doable for every body part and every level and age. They are available on line whenever you’re ready. No excuses!

Have ten minutes and one body part to focus on? You’ll find it.
Have twenty minutes and want to mix it up? Plenty to choose from.
Want to go for a HIT workout? It’s there too.
Longer workouts? You can purchase different series for very reasonable rates.
Need meal tips and meal plans? They are available.

They also have a large community of followers who have had incredible results. No matter what your age, don’t be discouraged to see their main demographic is probably between 25-35. I’ve been working out with them for at least two years and have also had great results.

Personally, I thank them for my own increased muscle tone. I HAVE to move my body in some way everyday to feel good. I’m a pretty religious follower and do their workouts at least 3 times a week since I mix in my yoga practice, outdoor activities and an occasional gym visit as well. There are days when my energy varies and I can pick my movement accordingly which is one of the reasons I LOVE TIU so much!

If you’re looking to incorporate body toning into your life, and want a feel good and challenging workout, try out Tone It Up! You might just end up with a toner body and a girl crush too!

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