In today’s modern world, we’re bombarded daily with toxins in our environment, in the products we use and the food we eat. It’s hard to control what’s happening around us, but we can take control of which products we choose and what food we eat.

I know this is a tall order to change everything at once, and this is where the following statement becomes very profound:

“It’s not about the home run, it’s about the base hits”—Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Start with one change and add on as you can. Each change will reduce your toxic load over time.


When it comes to food, eating organic is best to avoid GMO’s and pesticides. Buying organic grass fed meats also assures you you wont be ingesting antibiotics, hormones, GMO’s and pesticides either. I buy my meat from US Wellness Meats and it’s delivered right to my door. You can also buy other organic staple foods, snacks and other supplies from Thrive Market. It’s a membership site, which offers items at a discounted rate and also ships directly to your door.


Ditch the plastic water bottles and BPA. Opt for a clean water machine and a stainless steel portable water bottle.


A few of my favorites:

Body and Hand Soaps, Body Oils, Face Toners: EO Products

Deodorants: Weleda

Toothpaste: Jason

Skin Food Lotion: Weleda

My go-to face and all over body care: Egyptian Magic

Facial Oils/Skin Care/Scrubs: Annmarie Gianni

Daily Sunscreen and Lotions: Ursa Major

Makeup: 100 Percent Pure


Non-Toxic Cleaning Products: EWG’s Guide

Household and Laundry Products: Seventh Generation

Household, Laundry, Home Therapeutics: Good Home Company


Our minds are constantly filled with various changing thoughts in every moment. We get pulled into negative thoughts and limiting beliefs a lot of the time. This fear based thinking contributes greatly to overall stress and toxic load in the body. Practicing Mindfulnessis a great way to continue coming back to the present moment rather than getting attached to our thoughts.

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