organic coconut lime chicken souporganic coconut lime chicken soup

This go-to recipe makes cooking dinner fast and easy, and the results satiating, flavorful and with many added health benefits. Coconut Milk provides electrolytes, helps digestion by relieving constipation, and can help prevent joint pain and inflammation. Bone Broth helps to seal your gut, improve joint health and boost your immune system. I’m not one to follow exact recipes or amounts, but prefer to keep it easy by adding a bit of this and a bit of that. You can always switch up the veggies below if you like.

2-3 Organic Baby Bok Choy
Large Organic Zucchini
Fresh Organic Handful of Parsley
Organic Bone Broth-1 bag
Organic Coconut Milk-1 can (Non BPA)
Organic Chicken Breast-1.5 lbs
Braggs Organic Olive Oil
Fresh Limes

Chop up ingredients and place in a large soup pot. Add some olive oil and sea salt and spices to your liking and saute until chicken starts to cook. Add in bone broth and coconut milk and let simmer for about another 30 minutes until chicken is cooked through. Serve into bowls, squeeze the juice of 1 fresh lime into each serving. Add some fun utensils like chop sticks to the mix in addition to your spoon and ENJOY!

Serves 4

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