All the rage these days is on probiotics. But probiotics need prebiotics to thrive. That means in order to populate your gut with healthy bacteria, you need to feed the healthy bacteria too. Prebiotic foods are a great way to help balance your microbiome so you have all the probiotic bacteria you need for a healthy gut.

This is a great article on 13 foods to enhance your gut health. The top 13 they list are: Onions and Leeks, Jerusalem Artichokes, Chicory, Sorghum, Dandelion Leaf, Garlic, Fermented Asparagus, Green Bananas and Plantains, Cassava Flour, Cooked and Cooled Potatoes, Cooked and Cooled Rice, Cooked and Cooled Beans and Apple Cider Vinegar! See the source link below to read the full article.


We all know about probiotics, but did you know that probiotics need food, too? Here are 13 prebiotic foods to improve gut health!

Source: 13 Prebiotic Foods To Improve Gut Health | Traditional Cooking School

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