So many of my clients as well as friends and family, suffer from anxiety. Some deal with it occasionally and some chronically. Anxiety is something I’ve experienced as well and it’s very uncomfortable to manage.

Most people turn to some sort of drug to take the edge off. While that might be helpful in the short term, that’s not the answer, since there can be many underlying causes to your anxiety. Believe it or not, gut health can have a lot to do with your mood. I can personally attest to that! So much so, I’m part of a team creating a documentary called Food=Mood.

Dr. Frank Lipman is one of the experts in our documentary who speaks about this very topic. He wrote a great article you can read by clicking the source link below to read the full blog. In it, he lists 10 starting ideas for anxiety relief that you can try today.

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Anxiety, be it the occasional bout or a default state of mind, is a fact of life these days, for too many of us. With so much chaos swirling around us 24/7, it can be a challenge to stay calm and emotionally balanced.

Source: 10 Tips for Natural Anxiety Relief – Frank Lipman MD

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