According to Dr. Frank Lipman, “A happy, trouble-free gut is the key to keeping your entire body healthy, and never more so than when we’re (still) in the midst of a pandemic. The stronger and more resilient your gut is – and the more harmoniously balanced the trillions of bacteria that live there — the better your heart, brain, immune system and just about every other part of your body will function.”alttaggoodgutbacteriaIn his article he says, “a disruption in the microbiome, known as a dysbiosis, leads to inflammation in the gut, and if not addressed, leads to systemic inflammation and consequently to all sorts of chronic diseases.” I know this is true, since this used to be my story. I don’t want it to be yours too, so I became a functional practitioner and health coach to help you navigate and heal your gut to optimize your health.

In his article, he also lists the things that wreak havoc on your gut and why to avoid them:

1) Stay away from sugar and starches.
Sugar and starch (because it becomes sugar in the bloodstream) decrease good bacteria and feed overgrowth of bad bacteria.

2) No Gluten.
Less gluten means less leaky gut and inflammation which mean less illness and disease risk.

3) Ditch the ‘vegetable’ oils.
The oils you cook with, drizzle over your salad, and sauté your veggies in matter, and if you’re using super-processed crap oils made from stuff like corn, soy, cottonseed, safflower seed or rapeseed (aka canola oil), you’re barking up the wrong plant. Instead drizzle minimally processed, truly health-supportive oils, like extra virgin, cold-pressed olive, coconut and avocado. 

4) Remove processed foods.
They’re convenient but—they all disrupt your gut health!

5) Steer clear of toxins and pesticides.

6) Reduce the bottle (of booze).

7) Drugs take a bite out of your gut health.

8) Gut bugs undermine your gut too.

9) Good sleep and less stress is needed.

10) Overexercising or too little movement is bad news.

To read the entire article click the link below.

Source: 10 Essential Ways to Protect Your Gut Microbiome – Frank Lipman MD

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