Sometimes the combination of gravity, and diet can cause intestinal discomfort in the body.

A person’s posture at different times in life could secretly sabotage their health by making their digestion more difficult, and place a measurable amount of stress on the internal organs.

Here are some yoga poses that work wonders for your digestive health.

Paschimottanasana – Seated Forward Fold
Paschimottanasana is associated with back health and it aids the stretching of the back, but with some small modifications to the angle of the pose, it becomes a wonderful aid to help your digestive process. This pose helps you push new blood into the organs by using force against your body. Simply fold yourself against a pillow and hold for a few seconds. When you release, the blood will flow back into your organs.alttagPaschimottanasan

Mayurasana – The Peacock Pose
This pose has long been associated with the kind of digestive calm that would set you up to be able to eat almost anything. Masters of the form have considered this pose to be one that can grant flawless digestive power. It is thought that the system of deprivation and fulfillment is able to restart your digestive organs. The idea of this pose, is that the subject places all of their torso weight on their arms for the moment, to reduce blood supply, then release their weight and allow blood to once again flow into those organs. When the new blood and oxygen enter the organs, the small shock should jump start functions.


Ardha Matsyendrasana – Half Lord of the Fishes
This one makes general sense in that science has uncovered the fabulous network of canals in the body that make up the lymph system. Twists are really great for improving the flow of liquids in the body. Ardha Matsyendrasana asks for you to twist your body so that you are constantly flexing the amount of fluids passing through your body. As each of the twists are performed, you are forcing everything to flow back and forth which breaks up any fluids that have been sitting in one place too long, prevent pooling, and help get old dead cells to disposal areas in the lymph nodes.

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