Digestive IssuesDigestive IssuesIBS or irritable bowel syndrome is a common diagnosis for many people who have major gut issues with “no known cause.”

Back when I was struggling with my gut really badly, this was one of my diagnoses. Many of my clients also come to me dealing with IBS-D (diarrhea) and IBS-C (constipation). I went  back and forth between the two for many many years. Symptoms vary from diarrhea to constipation, cramps, bloating, gas and pain—and can even cause headaches, fibromyalgia (another one of my diagnoses years back), interstitial cystitis (also diagnosed with this many years ago!) and even anxiety and depression (check). YES, I’ve had a taste of it all.

Through my own investigation and with the help of functional practitioners many years ago, I can gratefully say I don’t have these diagnoses any longer or symptoms other than the very rare occasions if I’ve really gone off track with my diet, am dealing with unusual stress or end up with bacteria imbalances in my gut.

Thankfully I know what to do to if something feels off so I never go back to the dark and desperate places I used to experience on a daily basis.

Dr. Ruscio is one of the pioneers of gut health and has written this great article on IBS-D. You can learn more about it and the steps you can do to start turning around your diagnosis of IBS. He also has a fabulous book called Health Gut, Healthy You.

My story is the exact reason why I help others find the contributing factors to their chronic symptoms too.

If you or anyone you know is struggling and needs help navigating your path to wellness, I would love to hear from you. You can book a complimentary consult below.

IBS-D, or irritable bowel syndrome with regular diarrhea, often requires gut car through stress reduction, dietary changes, supplements, and other measures.

Source: What You Should Know About IBS-D

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