I’m a big fan of testing. NOT guessing. So are my clients.  alttagDivi

Testing provides the data and proof people need, to know for sure what is and isn’t affecting their health. I use Vibrant Wellness Zoomer testing when it comes to discovering food sensitivities because their testing is a cut above the rest and I’ll tell you why.

Vibrant Wellness tests are called “Zoomers” because they “zoom” into the peptides of the foods tested, and not just the full protein. They provide the most in depth and accurate look at true food sensitivities – because they are tests that examine immune responses to peptides within these antigenic foods, compared to all other food sensitivity tests which measure antibodies to whole proteins, which are rarely actually what our immune systems are exposed to in real life during digestion.

Knowing what foods are lighting a flame inside your body can help resolve many symptoms. With my clients and personally, I’ve witnessed chronic gut issues, sinus congestion and inflammation, skin rashes, hives and eczema, fatigue and a weakened immune system all resolve. This is why testing, not guessing is a powerful tool for resolving various symptoms.

The Zoomers test IgE, IgG and IgA.

IgE Reactions
IgE immediate hypersensitivity reactions are characterized by the hives, and throat swelling that accompany anaphylactic reactions some people experience when exposed to certain foods.  Other symptoms can include wheezing, coughing, a runny nose, vomiting, swelling of the lips or tongue, tearing or redness of the eyes, or even a weak pulse and loss of consciousness.  Common foods that trigger IgE reactions are peanuts, shellfish, egg, dairy products, soy, tree nuts, wheat and fish.

IgA Reactions
IgA immunoglobulins are present in our mucus membranes and helps us fight bacteria and viruses. IgA increases in response to foods when the foods we eat cause inflammation, and in response to stress, disease, or alcohol.

IgG Reactions
An IgG reaction to food proteins suggests tolerance related to immune cell reaction. Repeated exposure, inflammation, and immune reactivity contribute to sensitivity and high IgG in response to food proteins.

Currently, the Vibrant Food Zoomer menu includes:

  • Wheat Zoomer: to detect sensitivity to thousands of peptides in gluten and wheat, celiac disease, intestinal permeability (“leaky gut”), and wheat allergy
  • Lectin Zoomer: to detect sensitivity to 17 high lectin foods and 7 high-aquaporin foods
  • Corn Zoomer: to detect sensitivity to peptides in corn, including GMO and non-GMO varieties
  • Dairy Zoomer: to detect sensitivity to all peptides in cow’s milk
  • Egg Zoomer: to detect sensitivity to peptides in egg white and egg yolk
  • Peanut Zoomer: to detect sensitivity to all known antigenic peptides in peanut
  • Nut Zoomer: to detect sensitivity to multiple tree nuts
  • Soy Zoomer: to detect sensitivity to peptides in soy, including GMO and non-GMO soy
  • Seafood Zoomer: to detect sensitivity to multiple species of fish and shellfish, including parasites common to ocean fish

I usually suggest my clients bundle several tests together to get the best bang for their buck. Bundling cuts the cost of each test in half and you get a free add on test as well.

If you’d like to learn more about how Zoomer testing can help you uncover the foods that may be contributing to your symptoms, contact me directly to set up a FREE Discovery Session and learn more.

You can read more about the Zoomer testing here.


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