alttagpexelsdariashevtsova704569The holidays are here and that means lots of family favorites that may not be so healthy. They may be filled with trans fats and too many processed oils or artificial oils ingredients. Here are a few simple tips and strategies to help you indulge with a different mindset by incorporating more healthy fats into your diet.

A simple way to start, is to enjoy healthy fats like like coconut milk or yogurt, cashew yogurt, nut and seed butters, grass fed butter and ghee. These are health alternatives to your typically unhealthy fats and processed foods. These small changes alone may make a big difference in how you feel and how good your food tastes.

Organic grass fed meat is another way you can incorporate healthy fat into your diet. Enjoy a grass fed steak on occasion and replace your grilled chicken breast with chicken thighs every once in a while. Enjoy fatty fish like wild caught salmon. Buy the highest quality meat you can afford, ideally organic and grass-fed.

Something interesting happens when you start to add more foods that include healthy fats like nuts, seeds, and avocados for example. Your skin starts to look better, as does your hair and nails. Your eyes have more shine to them and your dark circles start to fade as you start to sleep better. You have more energy during the day and start moving around more. That exercise in turn helps you look even better.

Last but not least, all that healthy fat in your diet keeps you full and satisfied longer. That’s how adding high-calorie fatty foods actually helps you eat less and burn excess body fat. Embrace those healthy fats and start making them a part of every single meal and snack you eat. Your body will thank you for it.

Start right now by making a list of healthy fats you can get at the store. Start with avocados, walnuts, pecans, a good quality olive oil, some butter, a steak, and anything else that sounds good. Start using the whole eggs instead of egg whites for breakfast and fry them up in a little butter or coconut oil. Drizzle the olive oil over your salad and chop up avocado to go on top. Snack on some nuts and full fat cheese. Grill up that steak and enjoy it with a big plate of greens. Incorporating healthy fats into your diet is easy. You just need to start.

For great healthy recipes, I love Mark Hyman’s book, Eat Fat, Get Thin Cookbook!

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