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Written by Carla Alpert

You might be asking “What the #^*! is Chiropractic Neurology?”

I too would have asked the same, unless a moment of desperation lead me to research every possible modality to get me out of the house!

Several years back, as my world was literally spinning and I was unable to leave the house, let alone walk a straight line without resembling someone who most likely drank a full bottle of Vodka, I got on the computer (in small doses for as long as I could) and started researching my way out of an exhaustive, vertigo, sensory overload.

When I think back, there were various symptoms leading up to the full breakdown of systems that I wish I had recognized were not normal to have—like chronic headaches, recurrent dizziness, relentless anxiety, fatigue and GI distress. And then one day my world began spinning and didn’t stop for about 3 months. It took at least another 3 months to return to normal. During this time, the sound of a plate hitting the counter made me whirl, so going out was not really an option. I couldn’t drive either and could barely look up without shielding my eyes from the light. I had some relief moments, but they didn’t last too long. I had no clue what was happening but knew I had to figure out what to do to find my way out. Thankfully an MRI cleared me of any brain tumors, but the docs all just said, I had Meniere’s Disease and prescribed Valium, Meclizine, Steroids, and Diuretics ALL AT ONCE. Seriously?? I clearly did not do well on that regiment.

I call my luck with the “Google Gods” my saving grace, as I have had the good fortune of discovering answers in times like this.

I came across an article written by a Chiropractic Neurologist in South Carolina and I picked up the phone and called. After asking me several questions and explaining how Chiropractic Neurology could help me, they recommended a website to find other practitioners near me. There are not many in the country, but thankfully there were two in my area and I decided on one. Fondly know as “Dr. Mike”.

Dr. Mike, practices Functional Neurology and Functional Diagnostic Medicine. He started off by letting me know “Meniere’s” is a challenging condition, but he proceeded with what he does best. He can tell what’s not working properly and exactly where the weakness is coming from by performing several functional neurological eye and balance tests. This led him to prescribe me eye gaze exercises specific to my weaknesses to start retraining my brain. From there, over time, it was a series of added exercises that eventually got me behind the wheel again and brought me back to normal. That along with IV Vitamin Therapy from another Functional Doctor to replenish some vitamin deficiencies helped to fully rebuild my body.

I still see Dr. Mike to this day for chiropractic care, but what I’ve learned from him about Chiropractic Neurology over the years has been fascinating. Aside from Vertigo—ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Autism and Concussions are various other things that can be treated with his care. Because he practices Functional Diagnostic Care in relation to Neurology, he looks for the underlying causes of dysfunction taking into consideration genetics and lifestyle factors as well.

To me, this story is an important one to share for all those out there suffering from any neurological disorders seeking answers and solutions to their struggles. I know first hand the benefits of this work and I’ve also witnessed how Dr. Mike cured severe depression in someone close to me. Read Alex’s story here.

This is life changing work.

If you or anyone you know is suffering, please run, don’t walk into the care of Dr. Mike or someone like him. You can locate a Carrick Instititute Doctor Here.

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