Nutrition Genome

DNA Nutrition Test / Nutrition Genetic Testing / Nutritional Genomics Testing

Nutrition Genome is the best DNA Nutrition test available. Find how to eat best for your genes. Get valuable nutrition genetic testing to help customize optimal nutrition for your genes here.

DNA Nutrition Test / Nutrition Genetic Testing / Nutritional Genomics Testing

You are extremely unique, and Nutrition Genome exists to empower you to take control of your health through their proprietary DNA testing and software. Nutrition Genome proves that nutrition is in your genes, and this personalized approach will guide you to optimal health.

Your genes are not your destiny; they are your blueprint. They first map out your genetic strengths and weaknesses and then show you how to optimize nutritional choices and your environment to improve actual gene expression, building a happier, healthier you.

Their 50+ page personalized genetic report connects all the dots, covering: digestion, methylation, hormone health, mental health, inflammation and antioxidant protection, detoxification, DNA repair, cardiovascular and exercise performance, and recommended blood work.

Go on a journey with them – they can’t wait to show you just how unique you really are. This is the reason that one diet cannot suit everyone, and it’s also why so many studies and sources of dietary advice seem to continually contradict.

At Nutrition Genome, they are dedicated to finding the most effective nutrition plan for you.  Genetic testing helps you find out exactly what you need, making your nutrition plan more healing, holistic, and powerful.

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