THE WELL Cleanse

“A ‘bad stomach’ isn’t something to accept.” —Frank Lipman, MD

Feeling listless, bloated, irritable and saddled with stubborn weight is not something you should learn to live with; THE WELL Cleanse may help alleviate distressing symptoms and restore your health.


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Reset Your Gut

THE WELL Cleanse is a 15-day program, designed by Frank Lipman, MD, Chief Medical Officer of THE WELL and a renowned functional medicine doctor. It’s a gentle, safe and effective way to support the health of your microbiome — a.k.a. your gut.*

The microbiome is home to trillions of microbes, both beneficial and potentially harmful. When there is a disturbance in its balance — brought on by illness, stress, unhealthful diets, the overuse of antibiotics and more — it impacts nearly every system of your body. By resetting your gut you can address the root cause of a multitude of ailments that impact digestive function, immune response, energy levels, skin health, brain health, emotional well-being, sleep cycles and hormonal imbalances, to name a few.



+ Unlike many other cleanses, you’ll never feel deprived because THE WELL Cleanse features satisfying and healthy whole foods, and does not restrict portions, calories or fat.

+ You’ll acquire knowledge, tools and simple lifestyle habits  you can tap into to sustain your results for the long term.

+ The gut health supplements and detoxifying protein powder you’ll receive are backed by science and vetted by a top functional medicine doctor — our Chief Medical Officer, Frank Lipman, MD.

+ THE WELL Cleanse does not restrict portion sizes, calories or fat. You do not have to feel hungry or deprived while cleansing.

+ THE WELL Cleanse is designed to support the body’s natural detoxification processes.

+ THE WELL Cleanse supports a healthy microbiome which, when optimized, can lead to a decrease in bloating, digestive discomforts and inflammation

+ THE WELL Cleanse’s focus is on gut health, and gut health affects all other systems of the body!  When in balance and functioning optimally, a healthy gut can lead to weight loss, improved skin appearance, stronger immune response, better mood, mental focus and clarity.

+ Backed by science, our Gut Complex and Clean Green Protein are third-party quality tested for purity and to ensure they are free-from heavy metals, pesticides and contaminants.

“Amazing! This cleanse curbed my sugar craving within days. I feel completely satisfied, love the taste of food and feel much less bloated. The protein powder makes great shakes to start the day.”



“The cleanse greatly improved my overall digestive health. I suffer from both acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome. After 15 days on the cleanse, I feel better and my skin has also improved. I have lost eight pounds and don’t feel bloated.”


The changes in my digestion and wellness were substantial. I was feeling sharper, more focused and alert. For the first time in four years, I didn’t need an afternoon coffee for an energy boost or suffer from bloating after lunch and dinner.”


“I loved this program. It was easy and help bring structure to my daily routine. I noticed how clear my mind was after a few days, and I leaned out by cutting out all the junk from my diet. I plan on sticking with this routine moving forward. It feels good!”



4-week Group Coaching Program

Daily Regimen, at a Glance

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