Going Gluten Free

This is your chance to learn how going gluten-free can change your life for the better!

I want you to take a moment to really think about your health and how you feel…

Do you often struggle these symptoms:

                  • Fatigue?
                  • Digestive problems?
                  • Bloating?
                  • Dull or dry skin and rashes?
                  • Allergies and frequent colds?
                  • Joint and muscle pain?
                  • Feeling foggy and disconnected?

These are all symptoms of chronic inflammation, a serious health condition caused by your immune system constantly having to fight off toxins and allergy triggers.

One of the biggest causes of chronic inflammation is gluten!

Gluten is a protein found in SO much of what we eat and drink.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel GOOD again?  Instead of feeling sick, tired, and foggy all the time, imagine getting to experience:

  • Healthy digestion – no more bloat, gas, constipation, and feeling weighed down!
  • Energy and vitality – you can finally enjoy activities you’ve been missing out on!
  • Strong immune system – no more colds, sniffles, allergies!
  • Mental clarity – feeling sharp, alert, and ready to take on the world!

By Going Gluten Free, you can take control of your health and experience a complete rejuvenation!  With this amazing program, you are set up for success!


What are you waiting for?

Start feeling healthier and living better with my incredible Going Gluten Free Guide!


              • This guide includes:
              • Delicious recipes
              • How to avoid “hidden” gluten
              • Eating out and staying healthy
              • And so much more awesome information!
              • $47


Carla Alpert, National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach passionate about gut health and how it affects our overall health.

Carla’s health journey started at six years old and continued until she found functional medicine. She experienced chronic and debilitating digestive symptoms, that sometimes left her unable to go out of the house. These chronic symptoms started to take over her life. She knows what it’s like to have poor health and to feel isolated and afraid. She also know what it feels like to heal and live life fully again.

“I know the power of functional medicine and lifestyle change to regain one’s life. This is why I am so passionate about standing side-by-side with my clients to help them stop struggling with their health so they can start living their best life again.” —Carla Alpert, NBC-HWC, FMCHC, FDN-P



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